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Friday, July 16, 2010

#1. The Llano River “Slab” near Kingsland, TX

One of my favorite spots in the Hill Country to cool off and slow down is the two-mile stretch of Llano River between the “Slab” on Ranch Road 3404 (northwest of Kingsland) and to Long's Fishing Camp. The “Slab” is simply a spot where the road crosses the Llano River (crosses the river via a concrete slab “low water” crossing). Between these spots, the river separates into many channels. Some of the channels are fast, some slow, some deep, some shallow. All contain clear water. Most have bottoms of solid granite or clean granite sand. This area of the river is a great place to wade, sit in a pool of water, and let the kids run around from pool to pool. Consider taking a lawn chair and plop it in waist deep water to really enjoy the day. Take your dog (if people friendly!).

Or go to Long's Camp and pay a modest fee for a shaded picnic site and walk or wade downstream, or simply park near the Slab and make your way upstream.

To reach the Slab from Kingsland, travel north on RR 1431 to the north edge of town, then turn left on to RR 3404. The Slab is the concrete low water crossing found where 3404 crosses the Llano River. Or to reach Long’s Camp, travel a couple miles north of Kingsland on RR 1431 and turn left where you see the “Long’s Camp” sign.
You can also reach the Slab from Highway 71 West. Travel west on 71 about 23 miles from the intersection of Highway 71 W and Highway 281 (this intersection is just south of Marble Falls, TX). Turn right onto County Road 307 and travel east about 4 miles to reach the Slab. CR 307 becomes RR 3404 at the Slab crossing over the Llano River.

Don’t forget the sunscreen, as you will want to stay for hours!

-Don Gray


  1. How about the James River Bat Cave? I know that you just love the bat Cave and the unique guano smell. Will there be an "11-20" installment?
    El Jeffe Cordero

  2. Don, can i pan and sluice for gold at the slab?